Canine State of Mind Training

Professional, In Home Dog Training

Is your dog demonstrating stressful or undesirable behaviors?
  • Fears & anxiety
  • Aggression towards people or other dogs
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping up
  • House breaking issues
  • Urinating or defecating in the home (for dogs that are passed the house training age)
  • Mouthing or biting
  • Obsessive behaviors
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Separation anxiety
  • Refusing to come when called
  • Pulling on the leash

Do you want to start your puppy off on the perfect path so you have a happy, well adjusted, obedient and calm dog from the start?

Are you feeling you have hit a road block in your communication with your beloved canine companion?

Are you frustrated that your dog is not understanding or responding properly to your wants and needs?

In Home Training

Canine State of Mind’s training approach and methodology is a combination of utilizing dog psychology and pack dynamics. This is a language that all dogs understand due to their genetic makeup inherited from Canis Lupis, The Grey wolf. Our methods of training are based on effective canine communication and are a unique, kind and respectful way in which your dog will elect you as leader of the pack of their own free will.

In home training for your dog

The in home training consultation takes place in your home, where you and your dog are most relaxed and comfortable. This allows Sasha to observe and have a clear view of how your dog perceives its world and address issues with a customized plan for success.

When bringing home a new puppy or adopted dog it is important to be prepared and start “communicating in Canine” from the first day your new family member arrives home. Canine State of Mind is here to help you and support a smooth transition for both you and family, including your current dogs and your new arrival. Just as a child will look to his parent for guidance, caring and reassurance during times of perceived stress and danger, a dog will look to his leader. Some dogs will have more questions than others depending on their personality, environment, history and the consistency of leadership qualities they see in you. It is in a dog's nature to always evaluate if the right person for the job has the leadership role because its survival depends on it.

The initial in home training consultation lasts approximately 3 hours. During this time you will learn:
  • Why your dog behaves as it does
  • Education on how to achieve Alpha/Leader status within the pack
  • How to "speak canine" and communicate in a language that your dog understands. Due to the fact that dogs do not speak English and have a very advanced communication system of their own, we as their humans needs to step in to their world in order to fully understand them. If we want them to respect us we need to speak their language as best we can.
  • Establish positive, long lasting behaviors
  • Extinguish negative, undesirable behaviors
The in home training program consists of:
  1. The initial 3 hour home training session. All family/pack members must be present.
  2. Lifetime worth of back up and on-going assistance. The on-going back up service is available by phone, text and email if you have any questions about behavior that arises in the future.
  3. Three follow up home visits (each session will be 30-60 minutes in length).
At Canine State of Mind we provide transportation to and from Chicago several times per week.
*Please call for more information on our "Starting your puppy out the perfect way" training program.
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