October 26, 2022


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Living Harmoniously

07 / Everyday Experiences

  • How to Greet

  • “The Hunt”

  • Play as the Best Exercise

  • Alpha Feeding

  • Initiating Affection and Inviting Interaction

  • Ideal Sleep

08/ Overcoming Trauma

  • Letting Go of Past Stories

  • Rewriting Associations

  • Healing Mentally, Psychologically and Physically

09/ Navigating Transitions

  • Moving Homes

  • Adding a New Dog or Family Member

  • Working from Home

  • Death

Sasha Armstrong

Founder of Canine State of Mind

A place where dog parents can learn more about canine behavior and how to create the environment for a closer relationship with their dog.



Understanding Energetic Cues and Expressions in Dogs

Transforming your relationship with your dog requires understanding how they view our world and communicate in it. Learning to read your dog’s energetics and cues goes beyond interpreting their behavior–it’s about cultivating a profound connection to our canine companions. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn to:
  • Decode canine energetic cues
  • Become a confident and peaceful leader capable of meeting your dog’s needs
  • Foster trust, respect, and empathy with your dog
  • Ensure your dog feels safe + valued
  • Cultivate a deep sense of of purpose in your own life

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